Plan Interior Design to Your House with fci Interior Design

Always, your house should reflect your personality and style. Finding the best interior designers will help you make the best impressions in every space of your house. In consideration to your needs, they will suggest some ideas that will completely transform your home. They will also link you to the best suppliers of interior décor. Importantly, they will help you plan for the design; which guarantees you of the best outcome in the ultimate end.

Planning for interior design involves:

  • Choosing color schemes

You may want to combine a few colors and create a unique theme in your house. You may also opt for a one color that blends in with your furniture and other décor.

  • Choosing the best lighting

Lighting can bring in that magical look in your space. The intensity of lighting will determine the mood in your space. Whereas some rooms such as the study room will require a lot of light, some will only require minimum lighting. A good interior designer london can help you chose the best lighting for every space in your home.

  • Choosing the right fabric for your curtains

Much as you ought to go for long lasting fabric for your curtains and sheers, it is important that you choose the attractive ones as well.

  • Choosing the right layout in the rooms

To transform your home, you must arrange your furniture in the best way possible.

  • Budgeting

This is the most important part of interior design planning. You must consider the prices of different items in the market and the labor costs for the interior designers. Comparison of prices offered by different vendors will help you to get the best deals in the ultimate end.


Interior designing will help you make the best impressions in your home. Hence, it is important to make proper planning for it. You must consider the color schemes, lighting, fabric, the layout, and the budget.


Planning for interior design involves finding the best professionals in the field.

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Digital Marketing and Its Advantages

Digital marketing is the use of technology to market products or services. In the recent past, digital marketing has become quite popular with big and even small companies and businesses. The reason it’s used so widely is because it has numerous advantages, below are some of the top advantages of using digital marketing:

Direct contact- digital marketing puts you in direct contact with the consumer. When you market your products or services through digital platforms like Facebook or twitter your consumers can talk to you directly by commenting or sending private messages. This will help you get to know what the consumers want. You can then use this information to create products that meet the expectations of the consumer.

Higher revenue- using digital marketing such as SEO helps generate more revenue. According to eMarketer, when consumers get in touch with customer care attenders online and get full information on the products they require, they end up buying up to 4 times more than they would if they hadn’t gotten the information. This increases the revenue of a business thanks to digital marketing.

More consumers- digital marketing has evolved the art of marketing. In the past, only those who read newspapers or had radios and televisions got to know about new products in the market. However, with the high number of mobile phone users, this has changed. Businesses can create websites that are mobile phone friendly where consumers can read all the information they need about a service or product using their mobile phone. This widens the range oDigital-Marketingf consumers that is reached by this method of digital marketing.

Cost effective- digital marketing campaigns use a small amount of money to start and run. It has been proved that using digital marketing can save up to 40% the cost of advertising.


Digital marketing is more convenient for your business than other types of marketing.


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SEO Consultancy London

Seo Consultancy in London can help grow your business 5 times but nowadays it is really very hards to find a good SEO Expert London. I can give you some advice on what things to keep in ming before hiring a SEO Expert London.

SEO Expert london

        What Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring a SEO Expert

Now and then, SEO experts are being hired in one company or the other. It is not anybody who can be termed as a SEO expert. There is a criterion that has to be followed and fulfilled. Some of them involve;

  1. Language proficiency

A SEO expert must be very proficient in languages especially those that he/she will use in the line of work. This is not something that can be debated. It should be a deal breaker for those doing the recruiting. Lack of proficiency would result in very shoddy work.

  1. Technologically savvy

In SEO writing, technology is the main tool of work. If one is not conversant with the workings of technology, they cannot be eligible to be hired as SEO experts. A SEO expert uses modern technology to carry out all the functions of his/her job.

  1. Devotion

In SEO writing, deadlines govern the flow of work. Most times than not, writers and clients never meet. Therefore, it is only a devoted writer who can manage to work diligently and meet tough deadlines. Someone who is fond of missing deadlines cannot make an efficient or productive SEO expert.

  1. Speed and aggressiveness

It is very imperative for a SEO expert to be quick and very aggressive. Since SEO writing is within tight deadlines, the expert has to be able to manage the completion of all articles on time and send them back to the clients. He/ she needs to be relentless in the pursuit of jobs always.


When hiring a SEO expert it is important to ascertain their expertise beforehand. This way you avoid a myriad of problems at later times.


All the above mentioned factors need to be kept in mind when hiring SEO experts. They ensure smooth sailing of projects for the company.